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"I owe FunnelAmplified a massive thank you for helping me become a better sales professional. It has helped me book more meetings and create new opportunities.

John Rodigan

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"During RFP's I engage with contacts in the buying consortium with regular social posts and social engagements. My social interactions resulted in a $250K+ win"

Dave Lewak
Xactly Corporation

xactly corporation

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"I have 10x my first conversations with ideal customers simply by following the steps in FunnelAmplified. Do them in the order prescribed. You won't regret it. "

Dr. Joseph Hill
Higher Performance Group

“Don’t send 2019 trained sales teams into a 2022 sales environment.” Listen to the analyst data and equip yourself and your team to engage with buyers how they want to research and learn about new opportunities.

Brandon Lee

Founder, FunnelAmplified

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"Our entire team learned how to make social, "social" and close more deals. We scale our team's social offering to create more conversations with customers."

Sydney Stempfley

Director of Marketing, VIP Mortgage


Tom Burton

Co-Founder & COO, Leadsmart Technologies

"FunnelAmplified is an innovative tool that helps our sales and customer success teams stay top-of-mind with our customers. Being known in our industry as subject-matter voices has helped us grow our brand and increase our sales."

Robert Slaughter

MRP Analytics

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