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Cold Outreach!

Social Engagement Cadences

It's just like calling and email cadences only more social and more effective with modern buyers.

Performing social prospecting activities like sharing valuable insights in the form of social posts and engaging with prospects before sending connection requests increases accepted requests by 200% and creates 40% more first meetings.

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Magic Writer is our exclusive tool that helps anyone stand out from their competition. Social media is where buyers go to research and learn. Let your voice be heard and your professional insights published.


We know we should engage socially with our prospects. But, it can be difficult to know who to engage with and when to do it. Prospector is our social engagement cadence tool. Just like calling or email cadences but in social media.


Connection requests are part of any social prospecting cadence. However, they need to be sent at the right time with the right messaging. The connection request script tool helps users be more efficient and send the right message to the right prospect.


Amplify is for teams who want a more robust, coordinated solution for every member of their team.

Amplify provides all the individual features in a team account. This gives sales enablement leaders the ability to provide content, encourage social activities and use dashboards for coordinating efforts and providing feedback.


The team dashboard allows leadership a bird's eye view of all social prospecting activities. Leaderboard provides insights into who is doing their assigned activities and the influence they have toward individual and team goals.


When it is time for team members to share company and product information, you want to make sure they provide the right images and the right messages. Amplify allows admins to create and provide ready-to-publish posts for everyone on your team.


It's important to stay organized and collect data. With Amplify, integrate FunnelAmplified with any of your existing CRM or Revenue Ops tools so your team members don't waste time documenting their social activities.

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